In the age of Snapchat, Instagram, custom-tailored news feeds, and Facebook errthang, anyone with a WiFi signal can create and consume content. 

And yet, most online stories represent a white, heteronormative narrative that fails to resonate with the 82% of multicultural consumers that use the Internet, and perpetuates the under-representation of their (our) stories. And that's a problem, because when people don't see themselves reflected in the media, two things happen:

  • They move on. Since they're not being spoken to, they stop listening.
  • They continue internalizing the subtle, but ever present message that they don't matter. 

That's why your voice, and the voice of your brand, are more important than ever. 

Hi, I'm Natasha. 

Digital Marketing Strategist. Speaker. Untold-Story Teller

See also: Brooklyn native. Travel junkie. Avid researcher. Future BFF of Solange, she just doesn't know it yet (keep reading)...

I believe our online stories should be inclusive— they should represent those who are heard and unheard. From Black people, Latinx people, Asian people to LGBTQ people, immigrants & disabled persons. Telling these untold stories is my greatest gift, and my greatest privilege. 

After six years of overseeing social media marketing and online brand development for companies like Tribeca Enterprises, Travel Noire, ESSENCE, Coca-Cola, and Spa Esprit Group, as well as entrepreneurs like Naomi Simson (okay, I name dropped a little) — I've developed an inside-out knowledge of digital marketing. 

I've spearheaded campaigns that succeeded beyond our wildest expectations... and other campaigns that fell flat. 

Simply put, I've seen strategies that work and strategies that don't. 

And the ones that don't have one of three things in common (or a combination):

  1. The driving force behind strategic decisions is based on emotion & bias — like you love your content, so you keep it live even if it's underperforming. Or you're freaked out by early low numbers, so you pull an ad instead of letting the algorithm find its footing. 
  2. Your data is either incomplete, or you're looking at the wrong things. Or you just don't know how to make meaning of the data you have. #datawoes
  3. You're all about the data, but you've become so immersed in analytics and metrics that you've lost touch with the humans on the other side of all these numbers.

When I work with a business, whether it's a large-scale media brand, tech startup, or a trailblazing entrepreneur, I start with the story — always. Understanding it, refining it, teasing out the most compelling pieces. 

Then I dig deep into things like the market research, customer surveys, focus groups, geographical info, and more. I don't just look at your total clicks and opt-ins— I want to know why those numbers are what they are.

And once we're clear on the why, we build (or refine) your strategy based on the data. 

Because it's not enough to have a powerful mission, or even a beautiful story. Without the right strategy, built from the right data, your message won't reach the people who need to hear it the most. 

It's time to give them a voice. To start telling the real story. 

Why you should work with her?

Natasha is a wonderfully intelligent and enthusiastic individual. Her talent with, and knowledge of social media truly enabled our office to establish its online identity. Her expertise in social media, combined with her passion for creative content, enabled her to develop a unique marketing strategy and training presentation that helped our staff effectively utilize and understand the benefits of each platform. She has increased our student following and connected us with other offices and groups across NYU.
— Sneh Kadakia, Former Assistant Director, NYU Wasserman @ SPS
Natasha is a wonderful team player; she is creative, proactive, and passionate about public relations. Her digital efforts in the small business spaces are strategic and results-focused. As a social media strategist, staying on top of trends in the ever-changing social media landscape is instrumental to Natasha’s success. Her social media instincts have positioned her well as my own social media expert. Natasha’s communications experience in the academic, professional, and civic arenas make her a great asset to any organization.
— Simone Thomas, Senior Marketing Analyst, Verizon